An After-Long-Weekend Training Update

After a fairly sedentary weekend (but I think hauling wood for a fire counts as lifting weights, right?), I had a couple of good biking days. Normally I wouldn’t bike two days in a row, but I could not resist. Yesterday we got back fairly early from our weekend up north and the sun was shining and the road was calling my name. It is probably my last outdoor road bike ride before the snow flies, so I had to capitalize on it. It turns out that the westerly wind was blowing strong at 33-40km/hr giving me an easy ride out to my turn-around point, but a hard workout coming back. Before turning around, I was up around a 30km/hr average speed, but coming back, I probably averaged 17-18km/hr. I ended up with:
Distance: 41.64km
Ride time: 1:48:38
Average speed: 23.17km/hr
Max speed: 46.7km/hr (on a slight decline)
The hill that I usually fly down and have broke 60km/hr on, I felt like I was going backwards and barely made it past 30km/hr. The prairies may not have hills, but we sure do have wind!

This morning, I stretched out my legs with a good half-hour yoga session. Today was my scheduled bike workout with the Triathlon Club. We did 3 sets: the first set had 4 reps of 2 minutes each with a one minute rest; the second and third sets had 3 reps of 2 minutes each with a one minute rest. We did some abs (I hate using the ball!) and some stretching.

I’ve noticed that the days that I do yoga, my body feels so much better. I can honestly say that my back feels better when I’ve done yoga and my legs feel more limber throughout the day. It is definitely something I want to continue to incorporate into my life and my training. Maybe I should have named my site “Vegan Yogi Triathlete” … hmm… not as catchy. :o)

Here is a picture of where I was this weekend in all its glory in northern Saskatchewan:

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