Just another day of training

Today I ran on the treadmill for the second day in a row and have decided that I’ve got to get a motivational poster to put up on the wall in front of it. I remember going to the gym for the first time and thinking that the t.v.s were stupid up on the walls in front of the treadmills. Now I know why: when there is nothing to do except look at the clock and analyze how many calories you’ve burned or how far you’ve run, you can become quite crazy. It was really really difficult not to look … Keep reading


Generally I hate treadmills. I dislike running in one spot. However, it sure does beat running outside in -20 oC weather in a snowstorm. So that’s what I’ve been doing the last little while. Yesterday I did 30 minutes on it and today I’m doing some sort of fitness testing that my coach has set up for me. We have a treadmill in the office and it’s pretty slick. I don’t even have to go anywhere to run! I bring clothes to work and leave them here for the week. It actually works out pretty well.

Mental block

Sometimes I have no problem actually doing something, but get hung up on the details of it. Biking on my wind trainer is one of those details. I just got a computer that measures cadence and distance on the back wheel, but I have not put it on. So before today, I had not put my bike on the trainer because I was waiting to do this bike computer thing. It’s a motivation issue. I started looking around on the internet for videos on spinning intervals and asked my coach about it. Eventually I called her to talk about it … Keep reading

I just kept on running…

So I have been biking to and from work, but I haven’t hit the pool in a couple of weeks. I need a new swimsuit and I don’t want to use my other one. It’s not so much about looks as much as it is about logistics and comfort. However, I’ve been running a lot. In fact, it’s what is keeping me going. I ran everyday from Thursday to Sunday. Thursday and Friday were short runs that I could barely fit into my busy full-time life. On Saturday, I decided that I wanted to take “the plunge” and break 10km. … Keep reading

Training in Saskatchewan isn’t always easy, but it is often innovative!

This morning I awoke to a blizzard for my Tuesday run. Well, maybe not a blizzard, but a snowstorm for sure. This is the second week in a row that we’ve gotten dumped on by the snow gods. I have to admit that I don’t always love the snow or the winter, but most days I at least tolerate it. So I got up and perservered through the snow drifts and had myself a little run. It was extremely short, but I assure you that I worked my butt off for every single step. No roads were cleared, the sidewalks … Keep reading

My coach is awesome!

This morning I didn’t lift weights and tonight I didn’t go swimming. There are scheduling issues that I’m trying to work out… not to mention motivation issues. Also, there is a snow storm that is hindering my love of cycling outdoors. So I called my coach. I have been kind of “beside myself” lately with my lack of motivation and scheduling difficulties. However, she was great. My training is not imperative right now and I have lots of time to get the kinks worked out. In later months, I will definitely have to put in my time, but for now … Keep reading

Cold runnings

Today I FINALLY went for a longerish run (that’s a technical term, longerish) of 8.76km with a friend of mine. Motivation levels are definitely not where I would like them to be. My excuses: it’s cold out, it’s dark, and I really like being at home. Well, maybe those are more like reasons than excuses. However, I’ve recommitted to myself that day-by-day, week-by-week, I am going to get into training more. The other day I found all of the parts to my heart-rate monitor. All I need to do is change the battery in the watch and I’ll be set … Keep reading


The past couple of days have been difficult, logistically, to working out. With freezing rain yesterday and the snow coming down today, it is difficult to get to where I need to go. Not to mention I fell off my bike twice yesterday on the very slippery roads and I was extremely lucky to not have been killed by a car. So last night after work I went to my chiropractor. He told me to take last night and today off. Done and done! My lower back is really sore from previous injuries that got inflamed from biking on Sunday. … Keep reading

A pain in the neck!

Every year at the beginning of cycling season, I spend a couple of weeks with a sore neck and frequent trips to the chiropractor (actually, the chiro thing just started this year). Today’s ride has really messed up my neck. How do I know that my neck is messed up? There is one sure-fire way of knowing that my neck is sore: headaches. I’m not usually a person that takes painkillers, but when it comes to neck-related headaches, I don’t really see the point in prolonging the pain. I’ve been stretching and trying to relax my neck muscles, but the … Keep reading