Training in Saskatchewan isn’t always easy, but it is often innovative!

This morning I awoke to a blizzard for my Tuesday run. Well, maybe not a blizzard, but a snowstorm for sure. This is the second week in a row that we’ve gotten dumped on by the snow gods. I have to admit that I don’t always love the snow or the winter, but most days I at least tolerate it. So I got up and perservered through the snow drifts and had myself a little run. It was extremely short, but I assure you that I worked my butt off for every single step. No roads were cleared, the sidewalks were snowed in, and the city was dark. While it was really hard and I was sweating a lot, I enjoyed every second of it.

Tonight I was supposed to go to the bike session, but in a whirlwind of leaving the house late I forgot many items necessary to do a spin class (like a water bottle and a towel), so instead of suffering through, I decided to just keep biking outside. It’s still snowing and the wind is blowing hard from the NorthWest, but for some reason I’m loving the power that is Mother Nature right now. So I biked as hard as I could through the snow drifts and on the roads and paths. I did a good 40 minute bike ride around my area before I made myself home and could FINALLY have a nice, big glass of water.

I will be the first to admit that training in the winter in Saskatchewan isn’t always easy or enjoyable, but it is challenging and sometimes just requires a little bit of imagination and innovation to make it work. Tomorrow is my day off from training. I hope to get my heart-rate monitor going, and my bike computer on my bike and onto the trainer. I’m also thinking about playing badminton again. It would be a nice cross-training sport for the winter.

One thought on “Training in Saskatchewan isn’t always easy, but it is often innovative!

  • November 20, 2006 at 2:29 pm

    Hey Crystal, I like the blog – I’m a former duathlete who’s a vegetarian, so I’m totally impressed by the training you’re doing.
    You might be interested in a petition at

    which asks the Fed. Gov. to promote cycling as a preferred means of transportation. Take a look if you have a second, and pass the word along if you agree with the idea. Best wishes!


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