Inspiration needed!!

The past few days have been pretty sketchy in the way of training. Between feeling a little blue about a friend dying, our staff Christmas party, really uncooperative training, and sleeping poorly, I just have not really felt like training. Last night I biked for about half an hour on my trainer and I did some yoga yesterday. This morning, I slept in and it was snowing so I didn’t even run! I’m trying to convince myself to get on my bike tonight and put in some intervals and then go for a walk outside in the fresh snow. I could probably get into that. Tomorrow I’m going swimming with a friend of mine and then running, so hopefully that’ll help kick-start my week of getting back into it.

This is a really hard time of year for so many reasons. First, is the darkness and the low energy that goes along with that. Usually Saskatchewan’s saving grace is that while it’s freaking cold, it is also sunny. But this winter has not held true to that. It has been cloudy, rainy, and snowy. I hate it! I am a sun person for sure. I can deal with cold temperatures as long as I can spend some time outside. Also, Christmas is a bad time because it is super stressful and we’re supposed to eat lots of baking, but because I can’t eat most of it, it makes me a little more stressed out because I constantly have to figure out a tactful way of saying “no.” At the same time, I haven’t really been motivated to eat healthy either. This is probably the worst part of being a vegan because there aren’t a lot of healthy, easy meals that one can make. Although tonight I’m planning to make burritos, which should be good.

Since I’ve put all of these plans in my blog, I really hope to follow through on all of this. If any of you all out there have any suggestions, PLEASE leave them! I will report tomorrow.

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