Life gets in the way of training sometimes, but I persist!

On Tuesday I went for a quick 4km run and did it in under half an hour. That is about race-pace for me at this time. It felt good and I felt great.

This week has been brutal for traveling for work, thus making training very difficult. However, with the help of my new special friend, I have been pushing through.

On Friday, I hit the pool for my second swim workout of the week. We focused a lot on freestyle, which, of course, is what I prefer to work on. In total, I did 2100m in about 1 hour.

Today, Saturday, I just put in some time on the bike. I have a really hard time motivating myself to get on the bike, but L made me do it and I had to mentally push myself not to stop half an hour into it while I was on the bike. I watched a wonderful series of videos made for the Transrockies Challenge Souvenir DVD. It was very motivational! So I did the full hour of biking that I wanted to. I finished it off with some abs and push-ups.

This week will be touch-and-go with Tuesday to Thursday being on the road, but I’ll bring my running clothes and try to hop on the stationary bike at least a little bit. Hopefully I won’t be on the road too much in the next little bit so that I can get my bearings back. Not only is my training suffering, but my friendships, my house, and my sanity. I will hold on, though. This week will be tough, but I’ll make it through with determination and perseverance. This is what this journey to Ironman is all about!

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