I just felt like running

Tuesday I was out of town for work, so I knew that I had to get a workout in before we left at 7:30am. I woke up at 6:09 and was out the door by 6:15. It wasn’t the best for my performance, but I just wanted to get it in. I got in a good 30 minute workout. It felt great to be out in the fresh air and I’m glad I did because the weather has taken a turn to being really wet. Wet rain and snow has been coming down since last night. I didn’t get home until 7:00 last night, so I was way too tired and hungry to do a workout before the 10:00 bedtime I’ve been trying to adhere to.

Today, being Wednesday, is my day off and I’m glad. So I’m enjoying being inside, watching the wet drops come down and I can know that I’m not missing any workouts due to weather. Work is busy and I’m on out of town on Thursday and Friday. I guess my running shoes will be used while I’m away and I might be able to get in a swim on Friday afternoon somewhere. I kind of miss the pool… I never thought I’d say that!

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