It’s been a month?!

As my lack of posting confirms, my training has been sparse these days. I got sick again and it took another two weeks to get over. Now that I’m back to 100%, I’m back in the pool and back on the bike. It’s taking a bit longer to get back into running for no real reason.

This week I’m hoping to be back to 100% training. I was looking at my races coming up for the season. I have a busy summer ahead of me, starting off with a marathon at the end of May. This weekend is my first “race” with an indoor triathlon, with short distances, but should be a lot of fun. It’s a 500m swim in the pool, 8km bike on a Computrainer, and 3km run on the track; no transitions. I haven’t run 3km in a couple of weeks, though, so I should probably do a bit of running in the next few days. As per usual, my goal for this race (even though it’s extremely short) will be to finish and have fun. I’ll have to look up my times from my past year’s races so that I can try to beat my personal bests (PBs).

I was thinking of ways that I could motivate myself to consistently post on this blog since it is unlikely that it will turn into a website anytime soon due to monetary constraints and a lack of a website designer. So I’ll try to post my food on here as well as my training.

Breakfast: tofu scramble (~1/4 of a block), and fruit
Lunch: 2 pieces of leftover vegan pizza (1 veggie pepperoni, one vegetarian)
Supper: 1 bowl of African Sweet Potato & Peanut Stew with ~ 1/2c. quinoa

Snack: 1 apple with ~1 Tbsp peanut butter
* Swim for 1 hour (~3000 m), bike to work ~15 minutes
Breakfast: 1 smoothie with ~1/2 c. soy milk, 1 scoop Vega protein powder, some frozen strawberries and bananas
Lunch: 1.5 cups of pasta with tofu
* Bike home from work ~45 minutes
Supper: 1 serving of stew, 1 bowl of stirfry veggies

* bike slowly to University ~ 15 minutes
* VO2 Max testing
* bike to work ~ 15 minutes
Breakfast: 1 smoothie as per usual with ~1/4c. hemp hearts
Lunch: 1c. stew, 2 lentil rolls
Supper: 2 samosas, 4 chilli bites, a huge salad with tahini dressing
* too tired to do anything after that

Day off training!
Breakfast: 1 smoothie as per usual with hemp hearts, 1.5c of oatmeal with hemp hearts and apple, soy milk, and 1 tsp brown sugar
Lunch: falafel pita
Supper: Veggie burger and very bad for me fries and deep-fried vegetables from the Yard ‘n’ Flagon

* ran for 30 minutes ~ 3km
Breakfast: smoothie
* bike to work ~30 minutes
Mid-morning snack: oatmeal with hemp hearts, soy milk, and b. sugar
Lunch: split-pea soup, lentil rolls
Supper: ~ 1 c. of tofu and couscous with veggies and salad with a strawberry vinegarette.

* swam for 1 hour ~2900m
Breakfast: smoothie
Mid-morning snack: oatmeal
(side note: I am very hungry. Last night’s supper was not sufficient for today’s swim workout, but I didn’t have a choice because I was at a meeting and I just ate what they provided. More protein was definitely needed.)
Supper: We snacked on some nachos with VeganRella and green peppers on it. We had a wonderful stirfry with quinoa. Very tasty!

Saturday – Indoorman Race Day
Pre-Race Breakfast: smoothie
* Race: 500m swim, 8km bike, 3km run
Lunch: 2 pieces of vegan pizza, some veggies and fruit
Snack: We shared the rest of the stirfy from the night before. I really could not eat enough. I was hungry the rest of the day it seemed.
Supper: We went out to Szechuaun 2 cold rolls with peanut sauce and shared a birds nest with hard noodles on the bottom and lots of veggies and tofu on the top. So good!

Brunch: Tofu scramble with two pieces of homemade bread toast
Supper: Pasta with tofu and veggies, including zuccini!

This week will hopefully look like this:
Tuesday: VO2 max testing, run afterwards, bike to work, train with tri club
Thursday: Run in AM, bike to work
Friday: Swim in AM
Saturday: Race
Sunday: Run

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