Wilderness in the city

This morning I went for a good half hour run along the river. It felt great, like I hadn’t missed 3 weeks! My base must be really great for me to just be able to do 3 km in half an hour. My lungs now feel completely oxygenated and my mind is completely clear. I’m ready to get working!

On my run, I realized how wonderful it is to run in the light. Dawn was just breaking when I headed out and the sun was fully out by the time I got home. How wonderful!!! As I was 3/4 done my run, I saw a little bunny skirt out from the bushes it had been hiding in. It came out, hopped around, and went back in. I stopped in my tracks to watch the animal. She looked at me, I looked at her. We stood there for what felt like an hour, just checking each other out. This is the first time, in all of my years of running by the river that I had ever seen a bunny. I felt lucky. The bunny decided it had had enough of my staring and hopped to a spot where I couldn’t see her. So I kept on my way and hoped that I wouldn’t forget to write about it. It felt really special. How often do you get to see such a creature in a city? Not often enough!

The roads are clearing up and I biked to work this morning. It was a great ride in the sunshine. I am so happy to be back on the bike! I could feel my lower back protesting this morning as I periodically stretched it out on the ride. The chiropractor will get much use in the next few weeks, I’m sure.

Yesterday I got my road pedals put on my bike. I purchased triathlon shoes, which have road pedals. They’re pretty crazy! Very different from SPDs and my touring shoes that I have been using. I’ll have to give it a try tonight on my trainer. This weekend is supposed to be very nice, so I would love to get on the highway with my bike. Wow… what a great day! This weekend is also the Indoorman race, which should be a good time. I love this sport!

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