I find that balancing my home life with my work life with my training life to be the most difficult part of training. It is a kind of training in itself. This weekend was a long weekend and I had big plans of a long road ride and a long run. Well, I guess 1 of 2 is good. It probably just wasn’t the right “one.” I went for a longish run yesterday (Monday):
9 minutes running:1 minute walking for 8km in 1:02
It felt pretty good, despite the down-pouring rain. I wore headphones for part of it, just to get me going, but I turned off my iPod shuffle halfway through.

On Sunday I went for an easy-ish mountain bike ride along the river with the dudes from my LBS (Local Bike Store), which was pretty fun. We stopped a lot, which I’m not super into, but it was good anyway.

This morning I went for a short run with some short intervals in it. I did 4.8 km in 35 minutes. It felt pretty good as well. It was windy and cold outside, but good anyway. After I got home I did half an hour of yoga, which felt amazing. I’m going to try to make this a regular occurrence after I run. Tonight I’m going to do a short road ride after work, probably around 35km. It is supposed to be cool for the next few days, but I kind of like it. I’m like that. Wednesday is my day off and Thursday I’m going to run some hills and then hopefully ride with the women for a mtb ride.

Somewhere in there, we’re trying to plant our garden and do laundry. I might hire someone to clean our house. I don’t know how long I can juggle all of this while standing on one leg. Balancing is hard!

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