Swimming, biking, AND running?!

Last week, I committed to myself to get in a good weekend of training hard. So I did that. On Saturday, I went swimming in the pool. I think people were surprised I was at the indoor pool rather than the outdoor pool, but the outdoor pools here don’t have lane swimming (I think that this is ridiculous and would like to see it change). I didn’t push it too hard because I think I’ve forgotten how to push it while swimming. I’m going to test this theory later this week, but I’m really having a hard time pushing myself … Keep reading

Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

Ok. So I know that ice cream doesn’t really fall into the category of what a vegan triathlete should eat, but sometimes it’s nice to have a treat or reward of some kind. My attention was brought to this homemade vegan ice cream blog by the vegan pictures community on Livejournal. Somebody posted a picture of some mint chocolate chip soy ice cream and it made me so jealous… mint chocolate chip was my favorite type of ice cream when I wasn’t vegan, but I haven’t eaten it since I turned vegan (and probably for a while before that). So … Keep reading