Let the Countdown Begin

At 3:30 today, it was at least 30oC (close to 40 with the humidex) and the wind was strong (26 to 37km/hr), but I made sure to get on my bike and get in a ride. Ironman is less than a month away and I know that I should be tapering, but I’m not quite ready. Well, maybe I already am, but it’s mostly by accident. There are many things going on with me right now and it is inhibiting my training in a major way. However, I still feel ready for the race and can’t wait for August 26th to come.

The ride today was hot and hard. I did an out-and-back ride on a route that I use often. It has some hills and it has great scenery and is relatively close to my house. Going out I averaged about 19 km/hr, which sounds more brutal than it was. In my mind, I pretended that I was climbing the huge hills that will be part of the Ironman ride. The wind definitely helped with this and I used my granniest granny gear more than once. It felt weird to use it as I hadn’t in so long, but it was good to know that it’s there when I need it. That’s why I keep my small chain ring. The ride was so hot that I drank two bottles of gatorade and one bottle of water. I had a gel before I went, but it wasn’t enough. I’m pretty much obsessed with my glycogen levels while training. It’s probably not necessary to be obsessed, but when I was coming back I felt a pang in my stomach and knew that my glycogen was low. As soon as I got home I had a smoothie with tofu, hemp, frozen strawberries (picked by my own hands), and raspberries from my garden. It was great.

While the ride out was super hard, the ride back was awesome! I was anticipating a great ride back, but this one blew my mind. I got up to 66.7 km/hr on my favorite hill to go down (I actually kind of like going up it too), which is the fastest I’ve ever went on that hill. I could have went faster, but my gears were tapped and my legs were spinning at about 113 rpm. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Such a rush! I was going 34km/hr on the flats and up to 60 km/hr on the smaller hills. It was great, just great. Felt so good.

I even wore my heart-rate monitor today, which I’ve been trying to use more lately. It’s interesting to know where I’m at, but not necessary. I think that I will wear it for Ironman just so that I can keep track of where I’m at.

So in terms of stats, my ride looked like this:
Distance: 42.63 km
Time: 1:46:04
Avg speed: 24.1 km/hr
Max speed: 66.7 km/hr
Average heart rate: 142
Time in zone: 1:44:02

On Friday I went for a 45-minute run in the heat. Basically right now I’m climatizing myself. I am quite afraid of the heat of Penticton and am preparing myself for it to be a hot day and if it’s not, I will be just as happy. It was a good run and I was drenched by the end (not really surprising). I forgot to take my stats from my HR monitor before I went for my bike ride, but I would say that I was in the same area for average HR.

I’ve still be swimming in the outdoor pool Tuesdays and Thursdays and I’m really enjoying it. I think that I’ll keep with it just because it’s so nice to swim outside. Lately I’ve been doing some intervals just so that I can remember what it’s like to push myself with swimming. I think I’m not really pushing myself because I know that during the race it’s just about getting through it. However, it would help the whole race if I felt strong in the swimming, which is why I’m doing the intervals.

My next triathlon is in two weeks and I’m pretty excited for it. This will be my fifth year doing this particular triathlon and it used to be my “A” race. It has an odd bike ride at 63km and a 13km run (usually it’s 40km and 10km, respectively) after the 1.5km swim. I’m not really prepared for such a short race, but it’ll be fun anyway. I don’t really expect to beat my PB that I set last year, but it would be cool to be close. I’ll start to taper next week. That’s kind of the beauty of putting a race 2 weeks before Ironman: it forces me to taper and recover in the weeks that I need to before the BIG one.

So the countdown begins: Ironman is a mere 4 weeks, as in 28 days, away. Bring it on!

2 thoughts on “Let the Countdown Begin

  • July 30, 2007 at 8:01 pm

    Wow! Sounds like you had SUCH a great ride! Thanks for all the details — I’m always curious about how (vegans, especially) fuel on the road & for recovery (being a little obsessed with glycogen stores, myself!). Your IM training is really inspiring to me.

  • August 1, 2007 at 11:06 am

    Fueling on the road is so tricky! Water, gatorade, electrolytes, AND vegan?!? I’m a big fan of inspiring others to inspire me. It’s a beautiful thing. :o)


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