Pain is temporary, Ironman is forever!

Ironman Canada Race Report – August 26, 2007Penticton, British Columbia, Canada The morning started bright and early at 4am, but it definitely wasn’t bright outside. Luke made me some oatmeal while I made sure I had all of my Special Needs bags and a couple of last-minute details for my bike. The day before I had checked my bike and my transition bags, which took a lot of pressure off for the morning of the race. At 5:00, we headed down the hill from our host’s house to find a parking spot. There were so many nervous people driving around, … Keep reading

Today is the day

It is 2.5 hours before the canon goes off and I’m completely ready. I had a good night’s sleep. Well, mostly. It was a little restless, but for the most part it was a good one. We went to bed at 7pm, which I don’t think I’ve done since I was a kid, except when I was sick. Today I plan to stick to my race plan and take it easy on the swim and bike, and walk up the hills and at the aid stations on the run. I hope to come in to the finish line within 15 … Keep reading

My Birthday and Warm-up Race

I have to admit, I’m extremely nervous. In 10 days I will be doing the race. I’m still reading “Going Long” and apparently it is normal to have doubts and feel nervous. I spent most of my 27th year of life training for this race and I hope that I don’t look back on it and think it was a bad idea. Last Friday was my birthday and I had so many well-wishes for a wonderful year. Honestly, I can’t wait to not train for this race. I love training, but lately it has become cumbersome and all-consuming. I can’t … Keep reading

Tapering, Counting Down, and Mental Training

I honestly think that hardest part of this race is going to be the mental part. While I am pretty good at pushing myself and mentally preparing myself, this is going to be an event that is beyond anything I’ve done before. It’s so exciting. I started re-reading the chapter of Going Long that talks about mental training. Apparently at the start of a race people either think that they have not trained enough and they are going to fail or else they think that they are #1 and they are going to win their age category. I think I … Keep reading