In yoga, balance is my biggest problem. Some days are better than others, but usually I have a hard time standing on one foot for too long. This is quite opposite from when I was a kid and the balance beam was my favorite part of gymnastics. So it really isn’t surprising that I need more balance in my general life as well as in my yoga practice.

Last night I went running with my friend and her baby. It was snowing and we got a few centimetres of the white, fluffy stuff. We went for about 40 minutes (according to my friend) and it was really good. I’ve been having some emotional difficulty, but the run really helped with that. I think I just need to keep getting out and getting the old cardiovascular system going.

During the run, I couldn’t help but marvel at how easy it was to run like this after being on hiatus for the last few months. Apparently my base is pretty good. It always surprises me when I can do things like that. Good to know.

My right hamstring is a bit sore right now after Monday’s intense yoga session, but I have been stretching it and I think it’ll work itself out soon enough. I could really feel it last night during the run. I’m going to ice it tonight as well.

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