Winter Training!

I know that it is only December and winter has only been around for a couple of months, but I’m really loving it right now and I hope the love continues on into March. It stems from my newfound love of cross-country skiing. It is relaxing and a great workout at the same time! Because my feet are still not feeling 100%, I am mixing my running with skiing and I think it is adding a lot of good stuff. Combine that with yoga and I am a happy, healthy, fit vegan triathlete!

I officially signed up for the Saskatoon half marathon on May 25th. I’m pretty excited about it. I was thinking today about setting a time goal. If the training goes well, which I’m hoping it will without injury, I would like to run a sub-2 hour half marathon. My half marathon time in the half Ironman has been around 2:30 both times I did the half IM, so I think I should be able to do a 2-hour half marathon without all the swimming and biking. It will be so different though. I’m excited for it!

In January, I’m going to hit the pool and the bike as well. I’m hoping to get to the pool 3 times, ski at least once, run twice, and bike twice a week. I am going to get myself organized in January and just get back in the swing of things so that February will have specific goals and workouts. I’m excited to get back into training – so much fun! Hopefully my personal life stays pretty stable so that I can concentrate on my training.

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