The past couple of weeks have been wrought with travelling for work. This makes it slightly difficult to keep a steady training schedule. So I have found myself kind of binge working out. Some days I’ll do all of the workouts I want while other times I feel completely worn out from driving and meetings that I just don’t want to do anything but eat peanut butter toast. However, I think that I’ve done pretty good lately. Last Monday I was in Regina and used the stationary bike for a good 35 minutes while watching some really bad television. The … Keep reading

Training In the Dead of Winter in Saskatchewan

After a bout of insomnia last night, I decided to use my lack of sleep and tiredness to get in a good swim this morning. A nice 2000m in 1:15, but I’m not really worried about time right now. I’m focusing on form and just getting back into the pool. It feels pretty good and I’m committed to working on my swim technique right now and my arm strength. I am hoping to get in 3 swim workouts this week, 3 runs and at least one bike workout (2 would be nice). Yesterday I went for a 35-minute x-country ski, … Keep reading

Back in the Saddle and on the wagon!

This week was my first week transitioning back into training. I would say it was pretty successful. I only missed two workouts, which is pretty good considering I gave myself a pretty difficult schedule. On Tuesday I got “back in the saddle” and rode my trainer for 45 minutes on Sky, my trusty road bike. This was the first time I’ve rode her since Ironman. She still has the IM stickers on it and I had to re-set the computer because it still had 8:17:34 on her time tracking. It was a good 45 minutes on the trainer, with the … Keep reading

Strength Training

Each off-season I make a resolution to myself to do more strength training, but have yet to find a workout that works for me. Nonetheless, I believe it to be helpful and I’m trying to figure out how I can do it without it boring me. I found this good knowledge to have when it comes to strength training: UPPER BODY Upper body exercises reduce the amount of oxygen you use when running, lowering your heart rate and improving your endurance. Always maintain proper form when exercising– even when fatigue has set in. Do 3 sets of 15 reps of … Keep reading