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This week was my first week with my coach’s training schedule and me being ready and raring to go! My coach and I had a good chat last weekend about a schedule, my goals, and how I’m going to achieve it all. We talked about the burnout the I always feel around the beginning of August (although last year it was in June) because I train too hard in January and February. This year is going to be different… and so far it is!

My training schedule seems so free right now. I mean, I don’t even have a workout to do on Sunday. So I’m going to go cross-country skiing! I FEEL SO FREE!!! It just feels so good to get all of my workouts done in the week, as opposed to skipping workouts and planning to skip workouts. I really enjoy the sense of accomplishment I get from doing everything I’m “supposed to.”

Also, this week I have discovered the beauty of a training buddy. My coworker and friend J. and I ran on Tuesday and this morning. It is so much easier to get up at 5am when I know that someone else is going to be there waiting for me at the doors. J. is a great training buddy because she is a positive person, like myself, and seems to have an endless amount of positive energy to give as we pass the halfway point of our workout. She has exercise-induced asthma, which I am learning a lot about, and I feel a little bit guilty about running along breathing heavily, but not laboured, as she is huffing air through what apparently feels like a tiny straw. However, she assures me that she is fine and “just needs a minute.” My training intensity is a little bit higher than hers right now, but this week she cheered me on through my session of intense intervals. It was nice to have a cheerleader. :o)

Another part of training that I have thoroughly enjoyed this week is the City of Saskatoon Leisure Pass. I get to go to all of the leisure centres in Saskatoon for the low price of $37/month for 7 months! That will take me to the end of summer and this week I’ve used it enough to be worth my while. I get a strange sense of satisfaction when I scan my card in and it “dings!” me through. I am very proud of myself and my leisure card.

I’m really getting into my training groove this week and it feels great! Next season is going to be awesome and hopefully I don’t burn out before my peak races. Things are really coming together right now and I can’t help but think about what it would be like to train for Ironman knowing what I know right now. Maybe I’ll give myself another year to think about it. :o)

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