Why the Lull? An Explanation!

I have not posted in almost two weeks. Even I am shocked at the amount of time between now and my last post. I suppose time flies when you are training, get sick, have to work a lot, and am working on my new website!

A couple of weekends ago I went on a lovely cross-country ski trip with some fabulous friends. Unfortunately, their wee child (as I like to call the “Germ Monger”) had a virus that included a cold and an eye infection. So almost everyone on the trip had what we called “shiteye” for a few days – mine lasted almost a week. I still don’t feel 100%, but I’m getting better. However, I have been training minimally due to this setback.

Tomorrow I plan to be fully back in action, with a run in the morning and dancing at night. Friday’s early morning swim will likely be unpleasant, but I get to sleep in a car for an hour afterwards while on my way to a workshop/conference.

This weekend I am organizing and racing in a winter mountain bike race, which will be much fun and maybe even get my heart-rate up. On Sunday is a 10km fun race, which I might partake in just to see how it feels. I haven’t run in 10 days, so we will see how that goes. I will test it out tomorrow morning.

Thanks to a friend of mine who is the owner of Saskatoon Web Design, my website is coming along. I hope to “launch” it by the end of March… just in time for the racing season!

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