Water, Water, Everywhere, not a drop to drink… only to swim in!

I have really been focusing on my swim for the past couple of months. I’ve always considered it to be my weakness because I use my legs a lot and have little upper body strength. However, with my coaches help, I’ve been increasing my strength through calisthenic exercises and through freestyle pulling.

With my foot being sore (but is healing now!) and my trainer not being appealing, the swim is all I’ve had until now. However, it is now nice enough to bike outside, which is exactly what I’ll be doing next week. I’m so excited to get out onto the open road! I have been commuting for most of the spring and some of the winter, so it’s not like I’m rusty or anything. I just don’t have the power yet. However, I know that my leg power will come back with very little problem and then it’s all about speed workouts.

My foot is slowly, but surely healing and I have new shiny shoes. I’ve been running short distances a couple of times a week, which is really good.

However, since I posted my last post about “simplicity,” my life got rather chaotic. Work was busy before, but the end of March was incredibly busy. Last week felt like 4 weeks and this week, while not as bad, is about the same. Sometimes when I get in the habit of being busy, I have a hard time slowing myself down enough to enjoy life. So I have been practicing that today and will hopefully slow down tomorrow and for the rest of the week… just so that I can remember what it feels like not to run. What an interesting concept – as a runner, I need to remember what it feels like NOT to run.

However, while running yesterday I did slow down long enough to watch two bunnies beside the trail hop around and watch me. I watched them, they watched me and I felt connected to the earth once again. It didn’t last long, but I spent my day grounded in the memory of those lovely animals living in this city.

Since work has slowed down quite a bit, I’m hoping to be able to update more regularly… and to get my website at a state that I am happy with. Thanks for reading!

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