This morning I slept in through my run and decided that I would go for a run this afternoon. To ensure this happens, I’m going to reward myself with an awesome vegan peanut buster parfait. Good ol’ soy ice cream, peanuts, and a vegan chocolate sauce all in layers will be perfect to top off a nice 1-hour run. Tonight I’m mountain biking with the gals, which I’m excited about.

I move in merely two days and I’m excited and sad about it. I’ve lived in my current house for almost three years and I know lots of my neighbours. I’m sad to leave my beloved neighbourhood and neighbours. However, my new neighbourhood and house is awesome. The house will be the first home that I own and my new neighbourhood is very vibrant and full of kids. A new chapter of my life will be opened, but really, I just want to get it over with and get back to training!

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