After a long rest, I’m back!

I was just thinking today as I was biking to work that moving has to be the hardest thing on a person who trains for triathlon (and probably everyone else). This morning I went on my first run since moving and the Half Ironman. Discovering a new neighbourhood and establishing new routes is not an easy thing to do, but it sure is fun! I had lived in the same area for years, so my routes never changed. I knew how long they should take me on a good or bad day and I knew exactly how long they were, … Keep reading

Recovering and Raw Food

Sometimes when I’m in “recovery” I sometimes use it as an excuse to be a bit lazy and eat a bit extra. This time is no excuse. With my favorite music festival coming up this weekend, I am in full “chill out” mode and I am enjoying it immensely. However, instead of eating more french fries and chocolate, I am getting back into raw foods! I am so excited about this because I have been interested in it for about a year now. I am nowhere near being completely raw, nor even a little raw, but last night I held … Keep reading

Recovery and Race afterthoughts

Yesterday I went swimming with my training buddies and I realized that I had no muscular pain anywhere. The only problem that I had was my knee… for the whole race. My neck didn’t hurt during the bike, my ankle didn’t hurt during the run, my shoulders didn’t hurt during the swim (maybe it was because the water was so warm), and my lungs were 100%. It is for this reason that I know that I have to fully rehabilitate my knee. That is my number one goal right now. I am only going to focus on the swim and … Keep reading

Half Ironman Race Report

This morning I am sitting here stiff, sore, and injured (both emotionally and physically). Yesterday’s race was great… up until the run. It started out the night before the race when I went to bed early, in the campground that we paid way too much money for, and was woken up by fireworks only one hour later. It proceeded from there: parties, bad music, dogs, people screaming, and a huge thunderstorm. At 3am my partner got up and went to yell at some people partying. He came back saying, “I’m a good support person.” Yes, he is. So after only … Keep reading

High Expectations

For the past few years, my attitude going into a race is “Just do my best and finish.” This year, however, I have set some goals and I have worked towards them with a more regimented schedule than I have ever had before, thanks to my coach and buddy Dan. This weekend is my A-Race: the Great White North Half Ironman Triathlon and I have high hopes for my times and goals. A few weeks ago I had the swim of my life at a local race and I would like to do that again. At Spin off Spadina, I … Keep reading