My coach read my last post and called me a “slacker,” which is good. This is what coaches are supposed to do. The last line of his email was “180km is a long way!!” This is true. I am, therefore, committed to doing two rides this week on top of my regular commute of 16km/day x 4. Also, upon his suggestion, I am going to a physiotherapist on Thursday about my knee/hip/IT band/lower back. My RMT won’t be very happy about it, but it seems like it might be a good thing. Thank goodness for extra health coverage!

Not Runner’s Knee

Every once in a while during my training, I used to get occasional knee pain that I always attributed to “runner’s knee,” which is technically patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS). However, the past 6 months have told me that my most recent knee pain is different. My iliotibial band has felt tight and the pain doesn’t start right away in the run. It waits a few kilometres in to really flare up. My RMT (ie. massage therapist) and chiropractor reluctantly agree that it’s my IT band, hips, and lower back that is causing the pain. My RMT is also my training … Keep reading