Swimming: I Love It!

Yesterday in the pool, I felt very strong. I did the workout my coach had set out: 300m choice 2 x 900m (100m flutter kick, 200m back stroke, 300m freestyle, 200m breast stroke, 100m flutter kick) 200m choice TOTAL: 2300m I do believe my coach is torturing by making me do 200m of back stroke without anything in between. I always get dizzy and am completely paranoid about hitting my head, especially at the pool that I swim in at lunch time. The pool lanes are crooked to the ceiling beams and they don’t have flags to mark the 5m-from-the-wall … Keep reading

Running Injuries Really Do Suck

They do. They just plain suck. I have been battling running injuries for YEARS. My training buddy made a passing comment the other day about how I hate running. I said, “Woah, hold on, wait a second! I love running!” She was very surprised because she had not heard me say anything good about running since I’ve known her. I said that it was because of the injuries that I’m miserable about running. So I decided to take matters into my own hands (and with the advice of my coach) and saw the physiotherapist today. She told me what my … Keep reading