Last week was a bust, but this week is looking up

Last week I had to take time off of everything so that I could deal with some personal life stuff and felt bad about it everyday. In fact, I made two (TWO!) attempts to get to the pool, but the one time I forgot my swimsuit and the next time the pool was closed due to a swim meet. I figured that it just wasn’t meant to be. As for biking, the wind was too much and I was hardly motivated enough to get on the trainer. This is definitely going to be changing soon enough. This week’s 2-hour bike training session is going to seem like hell, that’s for sure.

Yesterday, my swimming volume increased by almost 1000m at 3200m of torture! Well, it was only partially difficult – my coach “made me” do back stroke for a total of 600m. Today I have a bit of a headache from it, but it’s going away and I know that it’s just because of my neck being tense while looking at the ceiling trying to go straight and count my strokes to the wall. I’m going to go to the chiropractor to get it adjusted and all will be well. In time, it will get easier to do back stroke. This was what the workout looked like:

300m warm-up
3x 900m – 200m breast stroke, 500m freestyle, 200m back stroke
200m cool down

All I can say is thank goodness I didn’t have to use pull buoys this week! They really get annoying to use after a while, but I’ve almost perfected my flip turns with them in between my knees. This is a feat in itself that I will discuss later.

This morning I went for a 10-km run with a friend. My knee didn’t hurt for most of it, but it did feel tight by the end of it. I just need to keep doing my stretches and work on strengthening my lower back. Tonight I’m going to do my 1-hour training session on the bike and will “save” my 2-hour bike ride for the weekend.

Last week/weekend I cleaned my house almost completely and it sure is easier to organize myself when everything is easily accessible and organized. It has only taken me 4 months to [mostly] organize myself and my “stuff” into its rightful places; I’m still working on my craft supplies!

I took a look ahead for my training – wow, it’s going to be a LOT of work! Like, a LOT. 3-hour bike trainer sessions, many miles on the trail/treadmill, and many laps in the pool. I look forward to calculating how much it all ends up being in the end.

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