Swimming: I Love It!

Yesterday in the pool, I felt very strong. I did the workout my coach had set out:

300m choice
2 x 900m (100m flutter kick, 200m back stroke, 300m freestyle, 200m breast stroke, 100m flutter kick)
200m choice
TOTAL: 2300m

I do believe my coach is torturing by making me do 200m of back stroke without anything in between. I always get dizzy and am completely paranoid about hitting my head, especially at the pool that I swim in at lunch time. The pool lanes are crooked to the ceiling beams and they don’t have flags to mark the 5m-from-the-wall point. This means that I’m constantly looking behind me to see if I’m going to hit the wall, which doesn’t help the whole dizzy feeling. Also, it hurts my arms. I know that this is a good thing, but they get so SORE after 100m! I hope he reads this… grrrrr… I DON’T LIKE IT.

On the last 100m of the cool-down, I started to feel really dizzy. I thought that maybe I was doing my flip-turns weird or something, but when I stopped I realized that I was bonking. Well, I didn’t exactly know it, but I knew that I had absolutely ZERO energy left. I walked carefully to my towel, had a shower, and made my way back to work to eat. I knew that it was food that I needed and that I had maybe, just maybe, not eaten enough calories in the morning to sustain the swim I had just devoured. It seems that I also didn’t pack enough food for lunch and didn’t even think about the reserve stores I had in the refrigerator at work (this is what happens when one bonks). I went home early to eat and it took a few hours before I could complete thoughts and sentences. I slept like a log that night for over 9 hours! It felt so good.

What I have learned from this experience is that I need more food and more reserves at work. My solution: leaving bread and peanut butter at work is a good thing, Amy’s canned soup is really tasty and would totally work, and I need to buy a bulk box of Clif bars. While these are not meal replacements, they will work in a bind if such a thing was to ever happen again.

In scheduling issues, I’m having scheduling issues. Mostly with biking. The weather keeps messing with my big “ride my bike outdoors” plans. However, I might just be being a sucky baby. I do have new booties for my feet and have tights that I can use. But it’s about the planning of it and life things getting in the way. However, I’m committed to getting my rides in this week and will try to do the trainer ride after my yoga class tonight. Good times on the bike trainer!

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