Things that Get in the Way of Training for Ironman

As I was laying in bed, listening to my alarm clock sound at 5:30am I couldn’t help but swear at the Triathlon Gods who have cursed me to love this f-ing sport. I promptly turned off the alarm clock, swore at the Pool Gods, and slept for another hour and a half. When I finally dragged my butt out of bed at 7am, I thought about the “things” that get in my way of training.

1) Weather – it is currently -30 degrees Celsius. How, praytell, am I supposed to run for 15km (1.5 hours)?!? Sweat starts to freeze after about 45 minutes. In theory I could run to a gym and then run home after that, but I get caught up in the logistics of the whole situation. Firstly, my shoes would be frozen, and I would have to carry lots of clothes because I would have to change when I got there into “gym clothes” and then change into DIFFERENT clothes for the run home because my clothes would be wet from the run there. You see? There really is no easy answer. And anyone that thinks I will run for 15km on a treadmill is deluding themselves. It’s enought that I get on my wind trainer!

2) Music, concerts, and staying up late. I love music – it feeds my soul. However, concerts usually happen in the evening. This week, I did my bike workout and then went to a concert until after midnight. For a “regular” person, this would be no problem. But for a triathlete, getting 5 hours of sleep really puts her off her “game.” Sure enough, I have been paying for that night all week.

3) Socializing. Socializing always takes more time than one thinks it will. I have reduced my social outings each week and I often try to accompany socializing with other things like eating, training, and concerting. However, there are times when a nice cup of tea and conversation is needed with a good friend. Also, this time of year is hard because there are TONS of Christmas parties and potlucks and gatherings. Last night I went to my work Christmas party, had one glass of wine, and was so tired this morning that I couldn’t get up to go swimming.

4) Change in schedule. I have been adapting to changes in schedules, but it is difficult sometimes. For example, today, if the pool near my work would have been open, I would have went at lunch time. However, it is not open because it is closed for cleaning. I have been really good about swimming early in the morning, but sometimes a noon swim is needed!

To train for Ironman, one has to be able to adjust to so many variables in one’s life. If anything changes in the least, it causes my whole training schedule to go off.

The plan this weekend is to make up for my conert-goings, my Christmas parties, and my lack of sleep. In addition to that, I have to finish my *mas cards, make *mas presents, and go to more parties. At least I’m single and there is nobody in my “way” to make sure I get all of it done. Or maybe I need to go back to my old mantra of “I’ve done enough” to help me get through the holidays.

One thought on “Things that Get in the Way of Training for Ironman

  • December 20, 2008 at 2:38 pm

    This sport certainly does take dedication, but if you’re having fun go with it. Good luck Crystal.


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