Race Report: Brain Freeze 10km race!

This afternoon I ran my first 1okm race ever. Last spring I participated in my first running race ever. Running has never been my strong leg in a triathlon and races generally inspire me to get better. So I thought I’d sign up for a few races to try to inspire myself to get going with the running. As long as I stay injury-free, I’m happy. Side note: I haven’t checked my Garmin yet, so all of this is based on how I felt. The race started out pretty good. The start of a run is so different from a … Keep reading

Another First

Today I get to add another first to my list of “things I have done.” Today I am running my first 10km race. It’s true, I have never run a 10k race before. I have run a half marathon before, which was my only running-only race. However, I have run a marathon during Ironman. But this is my first 10k. I’m pretty excited to see how it goes. It is actually kind of a warm-up race for the half marathon that I’m doing in a couple of weeks. So my Garmin is all charged up and ready to go; my … Keep reading