Planning my workouts and week

I like to plan my weeks and my workouts, but I also like to have some play with my schedule as well. I mean, if a really good social event comes up, I want to be able to go to it. If I feel really tired, I want to take my exhaustion seriously. If I have a neck headache, like I do today, I would like to be able to nurse it and take care of myself. However, it is important also to make sure that I get my workouts done. I have been using the Beginner Triathlon log to … Keep reading

Fear is holding me back

This morning I was in the pool with my training buddies and we were talking about the half marathon race coming up this weekend. It dawned on me when I did the 10K that I was going to do a half marathon and I was not ready! No, I was not. To be honest, I was not in my right mind when I signed up for the race. My mental health has made life a bit of a struggle for me over the past few month. However, I had an up-swing and signed up for both the 10K and the … Keep reading