My “You Know You’re a Triathlete when…” moment

Today I was in my bathroom and I had my first unique “You know you’re a triathlete when…” moment. Mine is this: You know you’re a triathlete when you realize that you have not showered in your home for many weeks! I realized this when I saw that my “home” towels have not moved from their spots in a long time and probably need to be washed because they have dust on them! Actually, that brings me to another one: you know you’re a triathlete when you have “home” towels and “gym/pool” towels. It is funny to me at how … Keep reading

A Saturday Morning Simu-Ride

Getting up at 6am on a Saturday is not generally my idea of a good time, but when one is training for Ironman it just has to be done. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one and met 9 other people to get together for a 3-hour ride. One of the guys in the club has the Ironman Coeur d’Alene bike course on his CompuTrainer. So while one person road the course (this morning it was my buddy Peter), the rest of us watched the profile of the course as well as the video of the actual route that was projected … Keep reading

Past Comments!

I just wanted to say to anyone who is reading this that has commented that I’m sorry that I haven’t replied! The emails were going to an address that I forgot I had. The situation has been rectified, though, and I will be on top of the comments from now on! Some of the comments that I just read were from a year ago… all of them were so supportive and awesome. I have to admit that I feel a little sheepish for not keeping this blog updated better. That being said, I will have more time to update the … Keep reading

Active Recovery and Food

On Monday I biked to work in a snow/rain storm in the name of active recovery. I knew that I wouldn’t have the energy to do anything more than that after work. On Tuesday, I took my pup for a much-needed walk in the morning and then for a nice, chilled out run/walk in the evening. I realized on this walk/run that this was what active recovery felt like! And I have to admit that on Wednesday morning, my DOMS (ie. delayed onset muscle soreness) felt much better. My massage later that day also helped! It probably also helped that … Keep reading

My Weekend with Simon Lessing

It’s true that I have not trained as much this winter as I had hoped I would. I would even say that the past couple of months I have been in a negative rut, physically, emotionally, and mentally… all very closely related of course. Last week I decided at the last-minute that I was going to sign up for a clinic that the local triathlon club has organized. It was a little out of my budget, but I decided that I could cut back on other things to make it work for me financially. So I spent my weekend with … Keep reading