Active Recovery and Food

On Monday I biked to work in a snow/rain storm in the name of active recovery. I knew that I wouldn’t have the energy to do anything more than that after work. On Tuesday, I took my pup for a much-needed walk in the morning and then for a nice, chilled out run/walk in the evening. I realized on this walk/run that this was what active recovery felt like! And I have to admit that on Wednesday morning, my DOMS (ie. delayed onset muscle soreness) felt much better. My massage later that day also helped! It probably also helped that I had a chiropractic adjustment on Tuesday afternoon as well. My chiro has prescribed an adjustment every 3-4 weeks when I’m training because of my back issues. I can’t help but wonder if strength training and yoga won’t cure my scholiosis. I wonder if there is a way to test it out, other than basing it solely on how I feel. I suppose I could look it up!

All of this brings me to today. This morning I went for a swim, which ended up being a recovery swim as well because my training buddy wanted to chat instead of letting me do my workout. I guess we had stuff to catch up on! Tonight, however, I’m going to get on the trainer for some good ol’ winter fun! We still have a lot of snow here and while I would love to get out onto the road, it’s just not happening right now. I am hoping to get out on the road next week for my long ride if it warms up enough.

The other topic of this blog post is about food. I have been kind of bad with food over the past few months. I have not had much motivation, not only for training, but also when it came to food. I am a lot better at eating more raw fruits and vegetables these days, but I have my moments. Last night I had a “moment.” Instead of cooking a healthy eggplant curry stirfry like I was intending, I ended up eating Multi-grain Cheerios and then soy ice cream! Oh, the guilt!  Repent, repent, repent! The biggest problem with not cooking at night isn’t so much what I ate that night, but that it leaves me lunchless the next day. So I am eating a lot of peanut butter and jam toast today. I have also eaten a pear and will make it through the day with an orange, banana, and more toast. Oh, what I would give for that eggplant curry! Alas, I will make it tonight before the bike trainer fun.

The other night I had the biggest salad I’ve ever eaten! It had a huge amount of tomatoes (my favorite food of all time), a lot of different greens, hemp seeds, and a tahini dressing. It takes a really long time to eat a big salad like that. I have to admit, though, that it has done a bit of a number on my digestive system. I think it’s getting sorted out now, though. I am going to try to have a salad like that every couple of days because I have a ridiculous amount of greens in my house right now. Between salads and green smoothies, I’ll be going through them in no time!

I’m looking forward to a weekend of training and planting my early seeds indoors for my summer garden!

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