Sleep is for the triathletes!

What I have noticed about training so much lately is how much sleep and food I need. They are two parts of triathlon that often get overlooked or undervalued, but are extremely important. After a bit of a weird week for sleeping, I realized that for me to train I must get around 10 hours of sleep each night. That’s right 10 HOURS!

In general, I am a high-functioning person. I like to do many things every day and I have high expectations of myself. Now that I am training 2-6 hours most days, I am often left exhausted. Even though I am not “working” I am still in bed by 10pm and get up around 8. If I need to get up earlier, I go to bed earlier. I am beginning to understand why the pros do nothing in between training. They’re just too exhausted. It really does give an interesting perspective on life and what the body is capable of doing. I never thought that I could train this much without being injured, but I’m doing it (knock on wood! knock on wood!!!).

It’s true that my injuries seem to be non-existent at the moment. My knee feels fine, my IT-band is not tight, and my back feels pretty good. My chiropractor says that my spine is completely different now that I’m not doing a desk job… in a good way. He said that even though I’m training so much, not sitting at a desk all day is the better option for my body. It definitely does feel better.

Anyway, I’m off for a swim-bike brick!

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