Ironman Canada Part II

It is a mere 2 weeks until the day I sign up for Ironman Canada 2011. It’s true, if you want to guarantee a spot at IMC, you must be there in person. So I’ll be there with my training plan in hand and my body ready to train.

My health issues are better than they have been in a long time and because I feel like I can actually train semi-regularly again, I have decided to do Ironman Canada one more time before I take my sights off of Ironman and just do triathlon for fun and fitness again.

With that in mind, I am setting out a plan to train for Ironman for the next year. The winter will be all right – build my base back up and work on some speed. The summer will be about distance, intervals, and bricks (yes, I’m looking ahead a year – I don’t do that very often). My plan also includes training buddies, a strict training log, and a diet with a weekly meal-plan. Yes, this time I’m doing it right. My beau has told me that he will work out with me and I’m taking a group indoor winter biking session, along with coaching a bike session. It always motivates me to motivate others!

So far, this is what my tentative training plan looks like:
Monday am: Swim
pm: optional bike
Tuesday am: Run
pm: Strength training
Wednesday pm: Weights or bike
Thursday am: Run
pm: Weights
Friday am: Swim
pm: Long bike
Saturday: Have fun!
Sunday: Long run
Details TBD.

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