Yesterday’s Disaster

Well, disaster is probably too harsh of a word to use for yesterday. Hurricane Katrina was a disaster, Chernobyl was a disaster… yesterday was a personal disaster, I guess. And even for that, it wasn’t really THAT bad.

So, what’s this all about? Well, the moral of this story is that sometimes life gets in the way of training and being a good vegan. The other moral is that it is awesome to have a good partner/friend/other in your life to support you when “disaster” strikes.

Ok, where do I start…. Wednesdays. I’ll start with Wednesdays. Wednesdays are always a really tough day for me to get out there and train. I get up at 5:30am to volunteer host a radio show at the local community radio station, CFCR 90.5FM. I love doing this, but I was all excited on Tuesday night about our fundraising drive and my decision to shave my head for community radio if I raise $2000 for my show. So I couldn’t fall asleep… I made a Facebook event, I picked out all of my music for the show, and I just was really excited. This excited energy continued into the next morning.

Wednesdays are also the day that I teach Horticulture to high school students at the place where I work. On this particular Wednesday, there were some trying kids and it was pretty stressful. By the time I dragged myself home around 6:00, it was time to go to the gym to do strength training with my beau. I called him and canceled saying that I was just too exhausted.

Did I mention that I skipped lunch? I had breakfast at around 8:30, but I skipped lunch completely because I was “too busy.” We all know that we must stop for lunch, especially vegans and ESPECIALLY vegan athletes! On top of that, I am slightly hypoglycemic so if I don’t eat, I pretty much crash. And that’s exactly what I did… I crashed on the couch and slept until my beau came to see me.

The highlight of my day was when he made me supper, did my dishes, AND THEN emptied the compost bin! Now THAT is the kind of partner you want to have when you are training for Ironman… or anything for that matter.

So what did I learn from this “disaster?” Here it is in point form:
– go to bed early on Tuesday night (this is not news to me, but was reiterated this week)
– ALWAYS eat lunch!
– sometimes it’s okay to eat processed foods like veggie dogs for supper if it means that you will consume something somewhat nutritious
– skipping workouts occasionally are not the end of the world
– sometimes life gets in the way of training and that’s all right
– did I mention eat lunch and get enough sleep? well, those are pretty important… and kind of no-brainers…

This morning I almost missed my morning run because I didn’t get up in time to go with my running buddy. However, when I woke up an hour late and found out it was a balmy 7 degrees, I got my running clothes on and went out for a 45 minute run. Well, I had better get to bed for my early swim tomorrow!

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