Slow Down

All athletes need to know when to slow down. Last week was one of those weeks for me. The week before I had a sinus cold and kept training, going to work, and doing everyday things. Over Thanksgiving weekend that caught up with me and I was down and out for five days.

It really sucked and I missed training and going to the gym. I guess that’s what they say about “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and all that jazz… it can translate to training! Yesterday I swam with the local tri club and I had no problems with my lungs. I did feel out of practice, even though it hadn’t been that long since I have swum. I swam a 100m in 1:33, which is all right for me. I’ve definitely swum faster 100m, but it’s a good beginning point. All told, the swim was around 3000m, but only me and another girl in my lane did the whole workout. I couldn’t believe how many people came late and left early! It was bizarre. I swam with the Masters’ swim club and with the university tri club and everyone was on time or early. I guess our club is a lot more relaxed than other ones. I like being early, myself.

Here in Saskatoon, we have some exciting vegan news. Daiya cheese is here! OH MY GOODNESS! It is so exciting! I’m not big into fake meat or cheese (soy ice cream is another story altogether), but Daiya has changed the way I eat pizza and nachos. It melts, it tastes cheesy, and is just so awesome. It is just so awesome. A local health food store, Dad’s Nutrition Centre, has been carrying it for at least a week and I am thrilled. Before this, I had friends bring it here from Edmonton! Not anymore.

On another food note, it is time for Christmas oranges and I love them so much. I know they come from far away and I try to buy organic ones when I can, but I love how easy the mandarin oranges peel and they taste so good. I probably eat four a day – I wonder if that is too many. I guess my body will tell me. On that note (there are a lot of notes in this post), I got really sick after eating a dessert that my partner’s mom made and I knew it must have had dairy in it. I haven’t had stomach cramps like that in several years (ever since the episode with some Halloween candies that my roommates failed to tell me had milk in them). It just reinforced my commitment to stay away from dairy, which I was already committed to anyway. It’s just a good reminder for me and good for my partner to see so that he can tell what it’s like for me when I have dairy.

One last thing that is more related to my personal life than to my training, but I had my head shaved over a week ago! I raised money for the community radio station I volunteer dj at and I’m donating my hair to make wigs for cancer patients. I am loving how short showers are, how my swim cap goes on with no problems, and my neck doesn’t hurt nearly as much. Here are some before and after pictures:

Me with long hair

My shaved head!

Me with long hair

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