What a week!

This past week was a pretty hectic and slightly stressful one. Monday to Wednesday saw me trying to do everything that I would do in five days in those ones. On Wednesday, right after work, I traveled 5 hours to Edmonton to take my mom there for medical stuff. We spent three nights there and it was a pretty good trip, all things considered.

As promised to my training buddy,  on Thursday I managed to get in a 30 minute run on the treadmill, which is my first treadmill run in almost a year. What can I say? I prefer to run outside. I would have run outside, except that there was literally no place to run by our hotel. The treadmill was decent and had a tv, so I watched the news as I did my workout. I didn’t do much on Friday or Saturday, except a lot of walking while my family shopped (I did pick up a couple of things from IKEA).

Yesterday my biking buddies called me to go for a bike ride and I jumped at it. It was a beautiful afternoon – around 22 degrees and there was almost no wind. It was awesome! It was a 63km bike ride at around 26km/hr – 2hours 22minutes or so. It felt good to be out there.

When I got back, I wondered if the two gels, some jelly beans, and two bottles of Nuun water were enough. I almost felt like it wasn’t enough or something. I have been thinking about re-incorporating Clif bars back into my training food. I have taken them out of the repertoire because I was so sick of them after training for Ironman Canada in 2007. However, maybe enough time has gone by that I can eat them again. Never ever will eat the peanut butter ones again… they make me gag now, but chocolate mint ones I still like a lot.

After, I made myself some pasta with tofu, with lots of veggies since I have a serious lack of pasta sauce. It was pretty tasty stuff and I felt pretty good. I felt awesome until around 10:00pm, almost 6 hours after the ride. My neck was sore and I could feel a headache coming on, so I took an ibuprofen. Within 10-20 minutes I felt like I had a migraine. Any sort of light hurt my eyes, my whole body was writhing in pain. It was awful. I felt like I was going to throw up, and I think it would have helped, but I’m not really a puker and my body obviously didn’t want to give up any of my precious pasta. I laid on the floor of the bathroom for a while, but went to bed with my best guy got me cold cloths to put over my face. Eventually the ibuprofen kicked in and the cold cloth felt so good that I fell fast asleep.

I woke up this morning with not too much of a headache, except a lingering feeling. My neck is a little sore still – I’m going to make a chiropractor appointment – but I got up and went running with my training buddy anyway. I actually don’t feel too bad now, drinking my post-workout smoothing and writing this post. I wonder what I can do to make this neck-migraine stuff not happen anymore. I have struggled with it for 10 years, ever since I played badminton. After almost every race I have to take ibuprofen to ward off the headache that inevitably happens every single time. Any bike ride over an hour makes this happen. Maybe there are strength things that I can do. I wish I could afford to go to a physio… maybe I’ll ask my chiro and massage therapist what I could do.

Anyway, this week is back to regular programming. Strength training, running, biking, swimming… the whole shebang. Looking forward to it!

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