An Easy Week

Last week somehow turned into a rest week. I guess it makes sense after the week before’s pummeling of my body. On Sunday after the swim it kind of shut down. I could feel myself lagging in the water. I felt ill. Somehow I made it through the swim and spent the rest of the day on the couch. Actually, I spent Monday there too (other than going to work). I thought I had the flu that was going around, but since it didn’t turn into anything more than an upset stomach and sore muscles I guess it was “just” soreness from training. The whole “one day of rest a week” easily turned into “two days of rest in a row” last week.

Last week just kind of turned into a rest week – that’s kind of how I like to roll. I mean, it’s great if I can keep pushing, pushing, pushing, but when my body says “NO!” I need to listen to it. It’s a good thing that I have, too.

On Saturday I had a great 2-hour date with my wind trainer and while it was still torturous to be on my bike and not moving, it was a good ride. I worked hard and went at race-pace for the whole two hours (ie. 26km/hr) – a big shout-out to my friends who talk to me on the phone while I pant in their ears with my headset on. I thought that Sunday would be a great day to get to the pool with the tri club, but I woke up with a sore throat and decided not to go. Plus, I had a busy day planned. And again, one day off turned into two. I need to try not to let that become a common occurrence. One day – good. Two days – not so good!

However, again the two days of rest made for a great training day. This morning I went to the pool and had a fantastic swim! I felt super strong in the water, pulling hard on the water. I decided to time some 200s and was consistent in my 3:45 – 200s. I think this is a great place for me to be at right now with my swim. I want to continue to do timings of shorter intervals like 200s and then 500s. I feel like I’m really getting into my swimming groove – it has taken a while for sure.

Here are some photos of my indoor training sessions:

Tv, fan, and telephone - all necessary for a good indoor ride!
The two dogs laid around while I worked by butt on the bike!
Having fun on the trainer!

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