This week was one of recovering. I wasn’t just recovering from running the race, but also from being so cold. My core body just doesn’t seem to want to get warm. I don’t think I was hypothermic at the race on Sunday, but I think it has affected my body’s ability to regulate its temperature since then. Since the race I have been re-thinking my goal to do the Saskatchewan Marathon at the end of May.

It’s not so much that I don’t think I can train for the race, it’s the recovery time after. This past week has been very difficult to continue training. There have been other extenuating circumstances like hosting a Couch Surfer and changing my job schedule, but I still don’t feel completely recovered. Wow, as I wrote that I realized just how much has happened this past week. I have been giving myself a hard time for not getting into the pool much this week, but changing one’s schedule really does make it difficult. My goal this next week is to keep running and biking three times a week and get in the pool twice. I’m happy with how I’ve kept up my running and biking training though. It helps to have good training buddies!


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