Better to be Under Trained?

After Google-ing “Under trained Ironman” to see if there were any tips out there in internet-land for people like me who are not as prepared for Ironman as they would like to be, I saw in several websites that it is better to be 10% under-trained than 5% over-trained. I sure hope that is true because I’m at least 10% under-trained.

I have done a couple of 100+km rides and will do quite a bit more biking because I’m going on a bike trip to the east coast of Canada. Hopefully I will get in open-water swimming and a bit more running as well. While I’m away on my trip I’m hoping to get in a few runs. The swim is the least of my worries and when I get back I’ll get in the pool twice a week until Ironman to just do long-distance swims. This, my friends, is called cramming for Ironman.

In two days I leave to celebrate a wonderful trip I went on 10 years ago when I bicycled from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island across most of the vast country of Canada. It was a wonderful journey that changed my life forever. I highly doubt that I would even be doing triathlon if it wasn’t for this trip. There are lots of things in my life that I figure would have been the same, but triathlon may not have been there if it wasn’t for this trip that infused my life with the love of biking.

Not only do I get to remember the trip that made me realize that a bicycle is the key to freedom, but I get to reunite with about 30 people who I have not seen in 10 years that I considered my family for an entire summer. There is one person who not be there, but will be remembered for her spirit, smile, dancing, and wonderfulness. Leslie will be on all of our minds on this trip. It was a trip that changed all of our lives and every single person from the trip has went on to do amazing things and everyone is part of something to better the world. Actually, our website from the trip is still up if you all want to see what I did 10 years ago:

I will have my computer with me and will be documenting my rides through Garmin Connect and update this blog as much as I can. It is all part of my journey to Ironman Canada.

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