Fast Food Indeed

Today I got home from work like so many other people in western civilization –  very hungry. My stomach was growling the whole way between work and home. It was at this moment that it made so much sense to me why so many people eat at fast food restaurants. As a vegan, though, I am lucky enough to have very few options in the world of fast food and, therefore, am never tempted to put such gross “food” into my body.

So instead of eating at a greasy fast food restaurant, I made my own fast food! It’s quite different from most fast food, though. Last week I bought a whole bunch of leafy greens, including collards and swiss chard. I thought that steaming them would be pretty tasty and fast. At the last minute I found a red pepper that I also steamed with the greens. Then I found some brown rice vermicelli that I bought a whole ago as well. I boiled the water, threw in the noodles, and put the greens on my handy-dandy steamer thing that sits in a regular cooking pot. While that was working, I made a tahini dressing using a couple of cloves of garlic, some lemon juice, and some Braggs. The end result was filling, tasty, fast, and super nutritious!

It just goes to show that sometimes fast food can be awesome and healthy! Here is the photo of my concoction:

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5 Responses to Fast Food Indeed

  1. Vegan food says:

    It’s challenging to find knowledgeable folks on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the compliment! Nutrition is a hobby and obviously helps me fuel my active lifestyle. A lot of time and research has went into the food that I put in my body. Thanks for the warm fuzzy!

  3. Lance Mateas says:

    Great way to improvise yourvway out of a trap. I make sure I have several bags of frozen vegetables on hand and while rice cooks, I can heat upbthe veg and season to taste.

  4. I have a very small freezer (well, it’s a regular sized fridge freezer, but it’s full of frozen tomatoes right now) so I have limited space for storing frozen foods. I’m really loving the cook quinoa-steam veggies option.

  5. Lorraine Wright says:

    It looked really good in the photo and I am sure it was very tasty, and oh so healthy. It would be good to know the cost of the products you used.

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