The November Blues

Yes, this post does have to do with training and working out despite what the title suggests.

Sometimes November really kicks me in the ass. It’s a month of darkness (literally and figuratively) and having a mental illness makes me very sensitive to this lack of light. My theory is that because the light is changing quickly this time of year and it puts us mood-swinging people off-balance. I think it’s why I’m affected more around the equinoxes.

As the blues start to hit and stress increases, it inevitably takes its toll on my training. Consistency is the key to any good training regimen. It is important to keep training, if at least for short bits. Even a run around the block helps to get the good endorphins going. Heck, even a brisk WALK helps. Sometimes this is so much easier to say/write than to do! Even this morning when I woke up, I opted to lay in bed for half an hour rather than running. Although I did contemplate running for pretty much the whole time.

While I’m feeling disappointed in taking this time out from training, I think it’s kind of necessary and there is no point in beating myself up over it. When I’m feeling motivated again in a few days I’ll get back into my routine. At least I have a routine and schedule started.

Inspiration for this post: No Brain, No Gain

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