“Why Bipolar People Should Not have Dinner Parties”

The title of this blog post was suggested to me by MellowJohnny. He said it in a moment of frustration at my stressing out over a fundraising dinner party I held on Sunday night. He proclaimed, “You need to write a blog called ‘Why Bipolar People Should NOT have Dinner Parties!'” We laughed about it loudly at dinner that night when a few of my best friends were sipping wine and taste-testing vegan lasagne. I thought that I would address a few sides of this statement…

1. Why bipolar people should not have dinner parties:
– it causes unnecessary stress to an already stressful existence/life
– it causes unnecessary stress on the people around that already deal with stress due to their bipolar friend/significant other
– it makes one aware of how many flaws a bipolar person has that he/she usually hides away from the world in order to appear “normal” (as a bp person, I feel like my flaws are infinitely worse than others because of being bp)

2. Why bipolar people SHOULD have dinner parties, just like anyone else:
– the stress on a bipolar person is really no different than the stress on someone who is not bipolar (maybe it’s an A-type personality thing rather than just a bp thing, sometimes it’s hard to tell)
– they are fun in the end and instils peace in being around good people
– it creates joy and a feeling of connectedness that might not otherwise exist
– it makes a person give their house a good cleaning; bipolar people sometimes need external inspiration to get them going on things that they should do all the time

3. What a bipolar person needs in order to pull off a dinner party
– patient and helpful friends and family
– the ability to plan – it helps alleviate the stress
– guests who will over-look details that were not perfect (this is why I don’t invite my family to my dinner parties – yikes!)
– friends to talk to on the phone while freaking out about a dirty floor and unorganized office; for example: Me “Where are people going to put their coats?!” Friend “They will find a place. Don’t worry.”

4. What NOT to say to a bipolar person having a dinner party:
“You should write a blog titled ‘Why bipolar people should not have dinner parties!'”

On a different, but related note, MellowJohnny and I are holding a fundraiser on December 16th. Details will be coming by the end of the week! FYI, there will be DELICIOUS vegan lasagne. Our taste-testers were great in their constructive criticism. Bakeship Enterprise and I will be lasagne-making machines! So if MellowJohnny was worried about a little dinner party, he needs to prepare himself for the BIG dinner party! Crazy quadrupled!

4 thoughts on ““Why Bipolar People Should Not have Dinner Parties”

  • November 22, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    I think the real title of the article should be, and I’m sure Caillou would agree: “Why Bipolar People Should Make Too Much Food At Their Dinner Parties So They Have To Feed The Leftovers To Their Dog”

  • November 22, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    Great post. I look forward to being invited to your fabulously disorganized diner parties. Who wants to attend a terribly sterile function where you have to get worried about wearing the right suit or dress. I would rather have fun with my friends and talk shit about racing, triathlons, training and anything else that is bugging me in life.

  • September 26, 2017 at 12:27 pm

    I was just reading your Who I Am message at the bottom. Would just like to point as a fellow person who has bipolar, you are not your condition. I like to say i have bipolar (not I am bipolar).

    Oh and i want to say thank you for being vegan!


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