Day 1

So it is officially Day 1. I have tried really hard not to eat anything with sugar over the past couple of days, but haven’t been too strict about it. Although, I didn’t eat any of the chocolates that were passed around after last night’s bike workout that I was coaching. It was so nice of one of the participants to bring them and they looked good. It wasn’t that hard, actually, to say no. I have always had a lot of self-control once I decide something.

Last night I felt kind of like crap. When I checked my food diary on MyFitnessPal, I noticed that I really didn’t eat that well yesterday. So I went to the grocery store after coaching and got myself some lentils, fruits, organic greens, chickpeas, and some unsweetened organic soy milk (yes, there is soy milk that has no sugar or sugar products in it!). I also got some raw cashews and raw almonds for different options.

Today has been good so far. My support group on Facebook has been very good. We are all encouraging each other and giving suggestions. It feels good to not be alone. This whole project isn’t just to get rid of sugar, but to get myself back on track for eating more whole foods. Somehow I have become one of those “bad vegans” that I used to talk about.

Fiona commented on my last post that I didn’t include the video to the post. So here it is, the video that inspired me to go sugar-free:


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