Ever since my run on Tuesday my right foot has been bugging me. There has been a constant mild pain in the front pad of my foot. On Tuesday night I gave my foot a massage and thought it would be fine. Yesterday I did yoga in the morning and it was bugging me all day when I was walking.

Last night I was giving my feet a massage and found the spot that was sore – between the big and second toe right at the base of the toes on the bottom of the foot. When I was done massaging and I really looked at the area (I had thought the pain was between 3 and 4). It looked puffy. I compared the two feet side by side and sheepishly realized that it was REALLY swollen. <insert expletive>

My friend, training buddy, and massage therapist, who I had been talking to about this said it is time for cold therapy. So instead of going for my interval run today in the ice-cold winter air, I am soaking my foot in ice cold water. This is my fate for the rest of the day, which has turned into my rest day. I guess this is why it’s good to have a flexible schedule. Tomorrow’s rest day schedule has changed for sure.

I just can’t believe that after feeling so ready to train and put my energy into that, that this is what happens in week 1.


Swollen Foot Collage

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