Reality Sets In

Yesterday I went for my first open water swim in a year. I thought it had been longer, but I remembered that last year I attempted to swim across the lake by my mother-in-law’s house. After I did that my back seized up because I had hardly swum and I was so out of shape that it felt like it rejected my effort. That was my reality call last year. I listened and spent a few months finding a decent massage therapist (actually I found an AMAZING one). The past year has been an interesting one trying to find a way to train, keep healthy, and balance my new-to-me home life. It is starting to come together now.

I was chatting with my training buddy when we were getting our wetsuits on and reality set in: I have not been in a triathlon in almost 3 years! I keep thinking about it trying to find a tri that I did since Ironman Canada in August, 2011 and I can’t think of one. My annual races were put to the wayside after the May 2012 double marathons. Last year I signed up for a couple, but didn’t actually go to any of the races.

In two weeks I will be in my first tri and I’m actually excited! Last year and this year, until now, I had been feeling afraid and maybe a bit ashamed or disappointed. I keep justifying my lack of training efforts by claiming that life got in the way, moving to a new place and figuring out a new plan, and on and on. Part of me, though, feels like I just got lazy. Training and racing were not priorities for me, and that’s the real reason why I haven’t trained. That’s about to change. No, wait, that’s been changing for about the past month or so.

They say that recognizing the problem is the first step to fixing it. I’m not sure if this constitutes as a problem, per se, but I’ve recognized it and am taking steps toward my new goals! The first step is doing this tri in two weeks. It is a women’s-only race right in the town where I work and do a lot of my training! I’m pretty excited about it and feel like it’s a great place for me to start. Yesterday’s swim was in the lake where the start is and I felt calm and confident. For the first time in years I feel excited to do a race! I’m not scared or worried about my lack of training, even though my training has really only begun a few weeks ago. I’m EXCITED! It is a great feeling, one that I have been missing.

Let’s do this!

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  • July 9, 2014 at 6:08 am

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I think I have browsed your blog a few times last summer!
    I think triathlon’ing is like riding a bike, you don’t forget how. Your tri next week will be great! Good luck!


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