Peaked or Peaking and Last Race Before Ironman

Emotions have been running high for me lately. Such is the way of the last weeks before Ironman (combined with other life and woman things). I know that this happens, but it is still difficult. This past week has been my “peak” week. However, I believe my body is done with the long training sessions.

sloth-cycling-team-t-shirtsMy last bike ride (last Saturday) was 150km and it took all I had to keep going. Not that I really had a choice. I knew that my partner would not come and pick me up no matter how much I pleaded. Even if I had a flat tire he wouldn’t pick me up, I’m sure. So my goal was to get out 75 km and I’d have to make my way back.

While my moving time was about 7:00, it took me almost 8 hours. My long rides have brought to my attention how much time stopping takes away. Of course, part of this is waiting at lights, etc. to get out of the effing city. And filling up bottles at the gas station takes much more time than it will on the IM course, but AN HOUR?! That surprised me a lot. After 100km I feel like I want to stop a lot, every 30 minutes or so. I know that part of this is nutrition and I’ve been much better at taking on more new nutrition on the bike and I count the total time between gels, not just the moving time. This last ride has convinced me to change my Garmin settings to turn off the auto stop because it is misleading during the race. I know my approximate times based on average speed, but if I have it set to auto stop then that will be skewed because it won’t include the whole time. How awful would it be to miss a cutoff because of a miscalculation?! I don’t think I’ll be close to a cutoff, but the bike is hard and you never know. And there is NO WAY that I’ll be able to do calculations with miles and kilometres floating through my head on the course.

Anyway, this week has been a lot of short workouts or not working out at all. We went on a short trip to see a concert and I forgot my running clothes so couldn’t get my birthday run in yesterday (I’m still in the same age category being that I turned 38!). I had a mimosa with my vegan breakfast burrito and I had lots of laughs with my friends and partner. Part of me felt guilty, but mostly I felt happy and rested.

This weekend is my favourite race! I have done this race almost every year since 2003. It was the first race I did in 2003 and no matter what condition my training is in, I’ve went in this race. Seriously, there is a 1-hour difference between my best time and my worst time, which has come the last few years. I definitely won’t be as fast as my fastest time (under 4 hours); I figure my will be in the middle.

Here are my times over the years:

Year Total Time Swim Bike w/transition Run
2003 4:23:00 21:13 2:36:00 1:25:33
2004 4:42:37 33:35 2:36:06 1:32:56
2005 4:23:29 29:55 2:26:16 1:27:19
2006 3:52:06 25:39 2:08:41 1:17:45
2007 4:22:31 35:32 2:13:52 1:29:15
2008 DNF
2009 4:09:24 28:13 2:15:35  1:25:37
2011 4:31:05 33:31 2:31:44 1:25:51
2014 4:59:07 40:31 2:29:18 1:43:31
2015* 4:38:02 36.46 2:35 1:26:12
2016 4:54:44 34.35 2:39:01 1:41:09

* This was the year I broke my foot and my cousin ran for me.

Some years slow as molasses, some years not bad. As you can see, the last few years have been hella slow because of lack of training and getting older. So I look forward to this year’s race and my last weekend of hard training before I taper, even though I think I’ve accidentally already started.

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