Race Report: Bridge City Duathlon

Last Saturday, I did my first real race in two years. And I haven’t done the Bridge City Duathlon in many years. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I haven’t biked much the past two years either. This spring I went out a few times and the rides felt really good so I figured I’d be able to have fun on the bike. Here is my race report:

Pre-Race Ramble:

The first multi-event race of the season helped me to iron out a few things. I had a ridiculously crazy week before the race so I wasn’t the most prepared. I ended up leaving my water bottle in my friend’s fridge and didn’t figure it out until it was too late. I haven’t been training with nutrition this far so I figured I’d make it through without it and could drink out of my regular bottle in transition. It was a chilly morning so it was all about staying warm and warming up enough. I learned in my training that my late-day runs were so much faster than my early-morning runs so I knew I had to warm up before starting. So I was set up and managed to stay warm. I also had forgotten my race belt at home; it wasn’t a big deal, but a small annoyance.

Trying to keep warm pre-race.

Run – 3km – 19:39

Like all running races, I took off with the group and knew that I’d have to reign in my adrenaline in a bit. The start of the run course was very hilly; I didn’t walk the entire way and knew I was feeling good for the day.

Transition 1 – 1:37. Very uneventful.

Bike – 20km – 48:28

The bike course was very challenging. It was technical, there were lots of cycling newbies, and a few No Passing Zones. There were brick paths, traffic circles, and some complicated directions. Then there was the lack of nutrition and water. I did grab a bottle of water before the race, but it didn’t fit in my cage very well. So it bounced out at the first bump, of which there were many. The second loop was easier because I knew where I was going a bit better. Plus I passed a LOT of other women. Apparently I was 10th in terms of time on the bike. Gotta love biking with a bunch of runners!

T2 – 1:48
Should have used race laces. Tying the shoes up was hard. Good to remember.

Run 2 – 18:59

How was the second run faster than my first?! I’ve had this happen before after a bike so I guess it’s just because I’m really warmed up. At the start, though, as is typical in a multi-race, I felt like I wasn’t even moving. It freaking hurt! However, I kept moving. As I mentioned in the first run there were some hills at the start of the run. Running down them sure felt good though. After that I felt like I could push myself again. I also felt a little competitive, which I haven’t felt in a long time. I didn’t want any women to pass me. That was my goal on the run – don’t let those runners pass me. And I didn’t.

Post-Race Ramble:

I couldn’t stop looking for the race results to see if what I had felt showed up “on paper.” I also haven’t done that in a very long time. Results haven’t mattered to me but I knew I felt good and had done not too bad. Usually I’m in the back third. This time I ended up being 17th out of 41. Not too freaking bad for a slow poke like myself! I’m taking this as a good omen for my upcoming race season. I just need to stay healthy, uninjured and keep my weight where it’s at instead of “letting myself go” again.

(Thanks to Bob Holtsman for the great photos of my amazing fashionable outfit!)

On to the second of three May races tomorrow! I’m running the Step Up for Mental Health 10k in Saskatoon and looking for a 1:10 finish! Donate here!

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