Train hard or go home

Last night I got home from work exhausted and ready for bed. However, I mustered my way through making a stirfry with quinoa and had some time to hang out by myself. Somehow I got recharged enough to do my 1-hour of intervals bike workout. I used Sex and the City as incentive to get me on the trainer last night and it was quite effective. I made it through 2.25 episodes before I finished. I would say it was a successful workout. All I’m left with this week for workouts are: yoga tomorrow night, a swim with the tri … Keep reading

There’s a First Time for Everything

After my coach and I met last week, I was fully ready for my race yesterday. The day before the race was great: I went for a swim and discovered the lake was not as cold as I thought it would be and that I felt great. I went for a short bike ride with my partner in crime and did some running fartleks with my puppy right after. My pre-race routine felt great. I also had a nap, read my book, and hung out with my family. It was a great day. Sunday morning started early at 5am with … Keep reading