Reflections on the 2009 season

The past two racing seasons have been challenging ones, both physically and mentally. I felt due for a great season after 2008’s disappointing one. While I did have some great races and overcame some great hurdles, I feel a little disappointed about not having completed my second Ironman race. The season started out really fun with some short-distance races. They were hard and so much faster than the pace I was used to training at. But they were really fun. I enjoyed them a lot and feel like it might be interesting to focus on short-distance sometime. As Ironman Coeur … Keep reading

Today we wait, tomorrow we race!

We got to Coeur d’Alene a few days ago and are settled into our rental house nicely. My training buddies, Trevor and Navarra, are here and we have a great team of support people that are helping keep us sane and fed. We’re staying in a house in Post Falls, about 10km from downtown CDA. Yesterday we went for a ride into town and it was pretty chilly and wet. This morning we went for a swim along the route, which was pretty awesome. The water was a little choppy on the way out, but coming back it was a … Keep reading

Sleep is for the triathletes!

What I have noticed about training so much lately is how much sleep and food I need. They are two parts of triathlon that often get overlooked or undervalued, but are extremely important. After a bit of a weird week for sleeping, I realized that for me to train I must get around 10 hours of sleep each night. That’s right 10 HOURS! In general, I am a high-functioning person. I like to do many things every day and I have high expectations of myself. Now that I am training 2-6 hours most days, I am often left exhausted. Even … Keep reading

Hills shmills, how about this wind?

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: hills are a walk in the park compared to the prairie wind! This morning I embarked on my first outdoor ride of the season. That’s right, it’s April 18th and I’m riding outside for the first time this spring. It’s just the way it is all the way up here in Saskatchewan. The snow isn’t even all gone. I met my training buddies and we headed due south, directly into a head-wind. We planned it that way. It’s the best way to plan a ride so that you can have … Keep reading

My “You Know You’re a Triathlete when…” moment

Today I was in my bathroom and I had my first unique “You know you’re a triathlete when…” moment. Mine is this: You know you’re a triathlete when you realize that you have not showered in your home for many weeks! I realized this when I saw that my “home” towels have not moved from their spots in a long time and probably need to be washed because they have dust on them! Actually, that brings me to another one: you know you’re a triathlete when you have “home” towels and “gym/pool” towels. It is funny to me at how … Keep reading

Race #1 of the season coming up!

This year’s season is starting a bit earlier than I’m used to Feb. 8th will be my first race. As I mentioned in my last post, I signed up for a 10km run in a race called The Brain Freeze. The name says it all. However, it looks like the weather will be very nice and I’m looking forward to a good run. I’m using this race as a training day. I think I’m going to learn how to [properly] use my Garmin so that I can “race” myself later doing a 10km in my training. Also, it’ll be a … Keep reading

Happy New Year to all!

Right. So it’s been a while since I’ve updated. It’s also been a while since I have trained. My two weeks “off” for the holidays turned into four. This was mostly due to my health being very poor. Not my physical health, my mental health. Usually I can work through one of my “downs” quickly and with the help of exercise. However, with the weather being utterly miserable, my schedule being out of wack, and my motivation being at zero, I just couldn’t do it. I could barely get myself out of bed, let alone to the pool for a … Keep reading

Things that Get in the Way of Training for Ironman

As I was laying in bed, listening to my alarm clock sound at 5:30am I couldn’t help but swear at the Triathlon Gods who have cursed me to love this f-ing sport. I promptly turned off the alarm clock, swore at the Pool Gods, and slept for another hour and a half. When I finally dragged my butt out of bed at 7am, I thought about the “things” that get in my way of training. 1) Weather – it is currently -30 degrees Celsius. How, praytell, am I supposed to run for 15km (1.5 hours)?!? Sweat starts to freeze after … Keep reading