C3 Reunion!

The Climate Change Caravan was so huge in my life 10 years ago. It altered my path in life forever… it altered a lot of our paths. This reunion has been so great remembering how we managed to make our way across Canada. However, I am also remembering how difficult it was to organize 30+ people to eat, sleep, bike, and campaign. My theory is that it was the exhaustion and dependency on each other for our emotional and physical needs that made it so special. The past two days have been biking days. They have been amazing! The views … Keep reading

Older and Wiser

Tomorrow I leave to fly to Moncton, New Brunswick from the flatland prairie city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I am meeting up with a group of people I called my family for 2.5 months while on our adventure across Canada. I left a naive 21-year-old, small-town girl who knew nothing about traveling let alone biking! I biked further east than I had ever been before EVER! 10 years later I am looking forward to reminiscing about the trip and learning about how everyone is doing. When I think about all that has happened in the last 10 years, I am astounded … Keep reading

Better to be Under Trained?

After Google-ing “Under trained Ironman” to see if there were any tips out there in internet-land for people like me who are not as prepared for Ironman as they would like to be, I saw in several websites that it is better to be 10% under-trained than 5% over-trained. I sure hope that is true because I’m at least 10% under-trained. I have done a couple of 100+km rides and will do quite a bit more biking because I’m going on a bike trip to the east coast of Canada. Hopefully I will get in open-water swimming and a bit … Keep reading