Electrolytes – The Key to my Health?

As an athlete, I am aware (as most are) that electrolytes are imperative to staying hydrated. I take this very seriously. I often consider myself one of the best hydrated people I know. I drink a lot of water every day and use electrolyte drinks on heavy training days (a long workout over 1 hour or two workouts in one day). As a side note, did you know that Gatorade has the more carbs and electrolytes than the other sports drinks? It does – read the labels! Because I am a believer in holistic medicine and healing (ie. the whole … Keep reading

Being a Woman Athlete

Sometimes being a woman athlete isn’t easy. There is usually one day a month that swimming just isn’t an option on that day. One time I raced on that day and it was NOT pretty. Nobody else noticed, but I was completely freaking out the day before (luckily my woman training buddy helped calm me down and was very supportive – remember that Nav?). On the week before a woman’s menstrual cycle begins, she can be a little bit… hmm… hormonally-charged. I don’t like using the word “emotional” because that implies things like crying, over-reacting, etc. I also don’t believe … Keep reading

When Exhaustion Tries to Take Over

With last week’s post in mind, focusing on discipline, I was well-disciplined this week. It feels good, but it also feels exhausting. Thursday was my day off and ever since then I’ve been wondering how I’m possibly going to make it. That being said, I know that the first few weeks of training can be difficult to get through. My body is just not used to be stressed in this way and it is telling my brain to quit. This is where a strong mind comes in. It is imperative to stay positive and know that I can keep training … Keep reading