Back at It!

By “it,” I mean training AND fundraising. Oh yeah, we are still fundraising for Team in Training. We did a bottle drive last weekend and we were very successful in getting donations. Thank you to everyone who has donated! As for me, my training totally went downhill in December. I had a stomach flu for several weeks. It was really brutal and debilitating. Then, of course, the holidays came and were super hectic. With two kids in my life now, it was a lot more exciting than the last few years. Also, I am getting a new sister as my … Keep reading


The past week I have been doing some meditation as part of my centering of myself. I used to meditate regularly, but after a bizarre and awful experience I stopped. That was over 2 years ago. In December I went to a Buddhist temple for a 9-course vegan meal, which was amazing. They have it every month and I intend to go every month. They had some material on Buddhism, so I picked some up. One thing that is key in Buddhism is discipline in your life and the acceptance that living is suffering and that with life comes death. … Keep reading

Farewell December!

December is always a difficult month to be motivated to train. It is busy with parties and family gatherings, not to mention buying presents and preparing for the holiday season. This December I was working in retail and it was BUUUUSY! Also, I had two clients have babies in the early part of the month and it really messed up my sleep schedule. Both births went really well with minor complications and both moms and babies are happy and healthy after their natural birth. I did manage to get in the odd run thanks to my good friend, Kelly. She … Keep reading